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Wednesday, 22 July 2009 13:05


This site is simply a small website based on the Joomla! freeware Content Management System which will chronicle my missions in Orbiter.

You'll probably notice that the site lags behind "real time" and doesn't follow the current ISS/Shuttle missions to any great degree. This is intentional as my aim isn't to blindly reply to what's going on for real but rather to put my own spin on it and run my own space program. It's here for fun and hopefully sharing what I'm trying in Orbiter will give others a few ideas.


A brief history of the ISA universe

STS-200, the space shuttle return to flight mission, heralded a new time in space exploration. Backed by a hybrid funding mechanic of both government contracts and private interests, as well as the occasional military interest, it seemed that the world was once again ready to break out into the void.

A cascade of technological breakthroughs, due in no small part to research done by the new shuttle missions, eventually allowed for the creation of the Delta-Glider, the world's first runway-launched spaceplane, capable of ferrying passengers to orbit in comfort and safety. This marvel of collaborative development fuelled mankind's already burning desire to continue to explore space, and as a result, commitment from all the major space-faring nations was laid down to work together, to share technology, information and research, and to use this combined wealth of knowledge to explore the moon, Mars and beyond.

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